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Let's get ready for the day - in style!

Are you headed out for the day? Or do you just feel like prettying-up before playtime at home? 

Whatever awaits you today, you can now get ready in style. The best part? There is no more sneaking behind mommy to "borrow" her stuff!

The Pixie Crush Pink Polka Dot Pretend Play Kid Purse set includes all the basics you need to get the day started!



It's kid-safe accessories and zero-mess makeup!

Pixie Crush has the most realistic-looking pretend makeup. And this pretend play purse set includes the following must-haves:

   a pressed-powder with shatter-proof mirror

   a lipstick that feels just like mommy's

   a nail polish that's all pretend
   a hair brush to keep your locks in place
   a very fab pink necklace

   a credit card to pay

   a car key with FOB alarm; and 

   a smartphone

Mom, you may now forget about the clean up and the silly clown faces. All our makeup may look just like yours but they do not transfer to or apply on your little one's skin. 

A win-win for little ones and mommies!

Mommy and me moments? We can make those mess-free and make it a win-win for you and for mommy!

With our 100% kid-safe pretend makeup, mommy can forget about the clean-up after your makeover pretend play sessions. 

Now, because our kiddie makeup look and feel just like mommy's, your makeover sessions will be 100% pure fun!


Let the most fun & exciting

makeover & pretty-up times begin!


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